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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dirty Words - OMG!

Oh my goodness, I had no idea that there are blogs out there that actually have cursing on them. I am shocked, I tell you, SHOCKED! Apparently, there are several people out there that were offended by my little tirade against the media talking heads Wolf Blitzer is a big fat pussy. Seems that using "pussy" and "bullshit" in the same post is way too much for some people.

Although I do ascribe to the notion that profanity is the fall back for the inarticulate (some what), there are times when obscenity is necessary. Like in the case of making the point that in this particular circumstance Wolf Blitzer, is in fact, a big fat pussy. Additionally, almost anything that comes out of Dick Cheney's mouth is sheer and utter bullshit.

It doesn't really surprise me that people are offended by dirty words. Nothing new, really. But what gets me all fired up about this is the people that complained. If you have noticed, I am part of a link exchange called, interestingly enough, Link Referral. If you don't know about it, the deal is that you improve your ranking by visiting and reviewing sites. Anyway, this dude reviews my site and gives me a 4 (out of 5) on content because he "... didn't like some of the bad language." So, I go to his site and it's supposed to be a comedy site. Two of the main sections are called "Hilarious Videos" and "Hilarious Photos". Both sections have subsections of "Fat People".

Oh, so you're telling me "Mr. Funny" that a few words offend you and yet you can have entire sections on your site to publish pictures of obese people so you can point and laugh? To me, demeaning people and calling it humor is much more offensive than swearing. Yet it is perfectly acceptable for "upstanding, moral" people like you to behave in this manner. Fat is not funny, get it. You would never have a funny section on "Cancer Patients" and laugh at their medical condition. Your assumption that fat people are funny because it's their own fault is completely flawed.

Obesity is a medical condition just like cancer. Some, maybe even most, obese people are that way do to their lifestyle choices. So are some, maybe even most, people with heart problems, cancer, AIDs or just about every other disease. Why don't you make fun of their conditions? Because it's offensive. And a hell of a lot more offensive than some fucking swear words.

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Blogger JoeBlogs said ... (10:20 AM) : 

Some views ive read elsewhere are more disgusting than any swear words.


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