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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Random placements of keywords

Last night I published what I felt was a fairly humorous attempt to prove my point that the guy I referenced was full of crap. It was, of course, a public service for you my readers. Consistent with my attempts to follow every route possible to build my traffic and report the result back to you, I had to give this a try.

Guess what happened. Ab-so-lute-ly nothing, zero, nada, zipski, big doughnut hole - I didn't get a single visitor from a search engine in the last twenty-two hours - none. Additionally, I did a few searches of my own. After searching through the first twenty pages of each of my searches and not seeing any reference to my posting, I decided to give up. My posting is not even a blip.

The good news is that if you type rebeleyeball in just about any search engine, you get inundated with my posts. Blook will get you mine, Story Blook and a few others.

A search on Paul Gavin will get you some, but that pesky English photographer keeps his ironfisted grip on the top spot - just because he has a well-presented, well-established commericial web site - well, la-de-da. Then there's the cowboy and the painter - who are all these dudes using my name? Take some pictures, ride a few bulls, paint pictures for a few decades and they think the own my name. Give up your spot, boys. Let a fellow Paul Gavin get some search engine placement, wouldya?

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